Submit an article to Indago - a peer reviewed journal
Submit an article to Indago - a peer reviewed journal
Submit an article to Indago - a peer reviewed journal

Indago the scientific journal of the Museum has a new Editorial Committee!

Indago is a scientific journal published by the National Museum.
It has been publishing peer-reviewed research by museum scientists and other researchers for 68 years! Much of this under the old name Navorsinge van die Nasionale Museum.

Indago is now one of only four or five museum journals still published in South Africa and is the only journal that publishes research findings on both the natural and social sciences. Museum journals are valuable scientific resources as they often publish research that is of a very technical, long, detailed or discipline specific nature that higher impact journals are often unwilling to publish. Much of the foundational research in many fields is found in old copies of museum journals the world over and there is no researcher who at some point has not had to refer back to one of these publications.

The Museum is pleased to announce that a new editorial committee has been appointed. The new committee will consist of an Editor-in-Chief, Dr Brigette Cohen and two associate editors’ Drs Gimo Daniel and Derek Du Bruyn. Below we meet the New Editorial Committee.

Editor in Chief – Dr Brigette Cohen

Dr Cohen is a vertebrate palaeontologist studying mammal remains of the late Neogene in South Africa. She is an expert in Taphonomy (site formation and fossil preservation) and conducts experimental archaeology studies. Brigette joined the Museum (almost exactly) 1 year ago in the Florisbad Quaternary Research Station Department and is looking forward to the challenge of updating and modernising Indago. Brigette has enjoyed the bonding time with her dog afforded by the lockdown but is worried what this is doing for their co-dependency issues.

Associate Editor – Dr Gimo Daniel

Dr Daniel is a research scientist at the National Museum, department of Terrestrial Invertebrates. Gimo’s research interest is focused on systematics and biogeography of the dung beetle subfamily of Scarabaeinae, as well as zoological nomenclature. Gimo is looking forward to the end of lock down so he can be reunited with his wife who will hopefully be joining him from Brazil.

Associate Editor – Dr Derek du Bruyn

Dr du Bruyn is a historian with a passion for oral history. He has studied gardening history and culture of the residents of Bloemfontein’s Batho township (for his Phd). He launched the Museum’s first oral history research project which focussed on the cultural, social and political history of Batho as well as an oral history research project on the military and stalwart veterans of the liberation struggle. Derek has been amazed by all the unexpected struggles you face when suddenly forced to work from home.

The current (2019) edition of the Indago journal is available on the journal webpage free of charge and a call for submissions for the 2020 edition will be opened shortly.


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