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Sudre Havenga


With Election Day around the corner (8 May 2019 will be the sixth democratic elections in South Africa) it is important that we are once again reminded of and celebrate our right to vote.

Throughout history most societies believed women to be inferior to men. Women were also thought to be less intelligent. Since ancient times the lives of most women centered around their children and homemaking. In most countries women had no or a very limited political voice.

The most popular word or phrase in South Africa this year is “land expropriation without compensation”. For many years black South Africans were not allowed to own land.

In 2014 a valuable donation was made to the document collection of the National Museum. For the first time the author was struck by the reality of the Group Areas Act of 1950 and the impact it had on black communities. Mrs. Alina Motsumi donated three “Certificates of Occupation” dating from the 1970s along with a “work permit” from 1978.

“I simply cannot do without you,” was Theunis Steyn’s constant message to his beloved Tibbie over a lifetime together.

Although their love story had its share of difficulties, Theunis and Tibbie Steyn’s relationship, in the words of their friend Dr Hendrik Muller, was indeed “an unmixed blessing”, and one of the most beautiful testimonies to the rich interest of a successful marriage. It deserves a special place in history.